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Launch of web site

04/29/11 2:55 PM By: bgauthier
Category: News

We are just putting the final touches on our new website. LogikHR is the name of our new web based human resources software. Visit our website to get more information on what can offer you.

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HR module

01/27/11 11:37 AM By: bgauthier
Category: Features, News

We have been hard at work for the past few weeks creating the next version of our Human resources module. Since it’s first release three years ago not much had changed. Now we’re back with a brand new version 2.0 filled with new features and getting great reviews from out customers.  We’ll be back soon with more info on the product.

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Cap sur les ventes, sherbrooke january 28th 2011

01/18/11 11:13 AM By: bgauthier
Category: Emarketing, Events, News, tips and tricks

I have been invited to present at the “Cap sur les ventes” show in Sherbrooke Québec on friday january 28th. My topic will be 10 essential e-marketing tools. I will post my power point presentation after the show.

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reMarkaBl’ new website

12/1/10 7:18 PM By: bgauthier
Category: Customers, Website design, Wordpress

Check out reMarkaBl’ new website

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Exporting your contacts from Gmail

11/29/10 5:53 PM By: bgauthier
Category: Videos, tips and tricks

Here’s a video that shows how to export your contacts from your gmail account.

YouTube Preview Image
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Dura new website

11/22/10 6:06 PM By: bgauthier
Category: Customers, Website design, Wordpress

Check out the new website of Dura Undercushions.

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Débouchage action’s new website

10/4/10 12:42 PM By: bgauthier
Category: Customers, News, Website design

Check out Débouchage action’s new website.

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Filter survey results by search groups

09/17/10 7:51 AM By: bgauthier
Category: Beezilla marketing, News, tips and tricks

You can now filter your survey answers based on the results of a search group. This allows you to create a search group based on your desired criterias (age, gender, location, …) and filter the results of your suvey based on the contacts that fit your search group criterias.

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Sending SMS messages

09/15/10 4:49 PM By: bgauthier
Category: Beezilla marketing, Features, Videos, tips and tricks

This tutorial shows how to create a SMS mailing sent to a specific group of contacts.

YouTube Preview Image
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Creating a phone call script (tutorial)

We have just created a new tutorial on how to create a phone call script. You can use your phone call scripts in your mailings. This gives you the power to reach a large number of people by phone at a fraction of the traditional costs. Use this feature to communicate with your clients or call all your employes and find a replacement when someone calls in sick.

YouTube Preview Image
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